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We offer very fast In-House Lime Hosting.  But if you’d prefer Azure or another Premium service, we offer fully managed installs for your convenience.

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Before our publicly available service launches May 2019, we’re offering steep discounts!        We love early adopters.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a few common questions we’ve gotten in the past.  Be assured, our only concern is your full satisfaction.  If you have any issues, we’ll work with you to get them taken care of.

What if i don’t like this?  can I get my money back?

Absolutely!  We don’t want you to be stuck with a solution that doesn’t work for you.  You’re gonna love this app, but in case you don’t, you have 30 days to cancel and receive a full refund, no questions asked.

are my passwords secure?

Lime Agent uses 4 types of encryption to ensure your passwords are safely secured.  Your passwords are saved as encrypted text and are not human-readable.  You can check our features page to see an example.

How many users can this thing support?

Lime Agent can support an unlimited amount of users, connections and sql jobs.  In our hosting subscriptions the amount of users and jobs are limited to 20 each.  The Enterprise subscription has no limits on users or jobs.

Can i invite other people to monitor and manage?

Non-Enterprise accounts have 1 admin, 4 developer accounts, and 15 read-only users.  We designed our dashboard specifically for office wall-mounted widescreen tvs to use as a team display.

How Fast is lime hosting?  is it faster than Azure hosting?

Our in-house Lime Hosting is cloud based with SSD drives and unmetered usaged.  No customers should see any performance differences between the two platforms.  Azure does however include additional log storage space.

Do i need a dedicated ip address?

No, not necessarily.  Many businesses choose Whitelisted IP addresses to limit their public exposure.  For some, a dedicated IP address provides an additional amount of security over using a shared IP address.

What happens with logs?  how long are they kept?

Each plan differs.  On LimeHost databases are limted to 2GB log file storage, in Azure Hosting its 10GB, and in Enterprise is limited only to available disk size.  For some customers, 2GB would cover over a year of active use.

I’d like to move my log data elsewhere.  Can i do that?

Yes!  We use a rolling algorithm to purge logs after X number of months to automate database size requirements.  There is an option to export to csv files so you can download your log data to do whatever you’d like.


Below are just a few awesome features you’ll get when you purchase a cloud-hosted install of Lime Agent for SQL Server Azure (it works with all SQL Server Versions)

Lightweight and Fast

Our code was built on Core.Net and javascript so its lightweight, fast, and Linux friendly.

Log Search

Search your logs for common issues.  Use SQL PRINT statements to add to your logs!

dbmail replacement

SQL Server Azure doesn’t have an emailer option.  We give you several alert options over SMTP.

SQL script source control

Store your SQL scripts or Stored Procedure calls in a single place of truth, complete with change history.

Well documented

We added lots of ways to get the info you need during setups.  Getting started couldn’t be simpler!

Portable data

Download your connections, jobs, and Run Log History using a simple CSV export option.

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