SmartSheet Data Warehouse

A Precise, Simple, Affordable Way to Schedule and Execute SQL Server Database Jobs in ANY Cloud Environment.

This solution is fully managed and includes hosting fees on your choice of platform.  I can be hosted with a dedicated IP Address, or at a data center provider such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, or Google Cloud Hosting.

Task Agent for SQL Server

Use Lime Agent to make your life simpler!  Even if you have a solution in place, Lime Agent for SQL Server can greatly increase your productivity.  Fully secured, fully automated, Lime Agent offers secure connections, encrypted password protection, and an entire suite of logging options.

schedule SQL CODE

Automatically run SQL Scripts and Stored Procedures.  Even trigger another Job after success or fail!

Automatic DBMail Alerts

Recieve automatic emails and data alerts to 3rd party apps such as Slack Notifications

Powerful Dashboard, Simple UI

Monitor your job success in real-time using our heads up team dashboard.  Powerful features and flexible options make getting started a breeze.

When issues occur, leverage full-text indexed search logs powered by standard SQL PRINT statements.

Save Time, Increase Productivity

Oh how painful it can be when you can’t automate simple things like sql scripts! Lime Agent is designed for Microsoft Azure SQL Server but will work for any SQL Server with an available connection.  IP White-Listing and Managed Hosting make getting started a breeze.

Runs on cron expressions

The power of cron expressions!  Our UI uses a single field to power a vast array of time choices

awesome web dashboard

See your success/fail at a glance!  The Lime Agent UI was designed for overhead use in office settings

Powerful Features, Fantastically Simple

Triple Encryption and SSL Connections make Lime Agent a reliable place to store your valuables.  But that’s not enough!  Here’s more powerful features:

reliable and secure

Lightweight and quick, our UI is designed to show only what you need, and nothing else

advanced logging

SIMPLY PRINT FROM SQL SERVER!  Search logs in a webpage or receive an email or alert

Simple ui workflow

Lime Agent offers a workflow to run code scripts, log output, and send alerts that is very flexible

code management

Store your code samples, SQL scripts, or Stored Procedure calls in separate jobs.  Trigger on demand!


Extremely simple to use!  Most won’t need it, but its there if you do

Telemetry processor

CSV Telemetry Processing can be added to Lime Agent for seamless Data Pipeline and ETL Monitoring

Our Customers Love Us

Lime Agent was built by people just like you, with your needs in mind.  We’ve done this job so much we finally realized our infrastructure was worth sharing.  We hope you like it.

This thing saved my project.  We were in the process of moving over from AWS to Azure and realized this wasn’t included in their SQL Azure subscriptions.  Lives saved.

Patrick Harris

Cloud Engineer, Trivista Consulting

I really like the features in Lime Agent.  It has features I’ve always wanted to have in our data center but couldn’t ever find the time to make our home-brew agent work.

Lon Waldero

Sr. Analyst, Wells Fargo, Inc.

We’ve been using the Telemetry processor to run a new data pipeline here for 3 months and couldn’t be happier. We may move from SSIS to simple SQL scripts in Lime Agent.

Jessica Schniederman

Data Engineer, Microsoft SMS&P Div.

Mobile SQL Task Monitoring

Our app is responsive and mobile ready. Get  alerts on the go or keep an eye on that latest job log run time.  No matter if you’re in the office or out on the go, Lime Agent has you covered.

The Web UI was designed to cover desktop, mobile browsers, and the dashboard was designed to showcase in overhead or on-the-wall TVs in the office so your entire team can keep an eye on status and your job success rate.   30-day money back guarantee.

Take a Glance at Some Scripts

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